Dark Sovereignty

Legacy of Succession 22nd May 2018

"Welcome, ladies, the next few weeks will decide your future. But before all that, let me introduce you to my son, Nicholas. To one of you, he'll be a future husband. To the rest, a nightmare who will haunt your dreams for whatever time you have left."

Victoria, born into a life of luxury, is about to discover that this will cost her a chance of freedom. She’s been hidden away to protect her virtue. Will the sheltered life leave her struggling in upcoming trials?

Nicholas is the son of a Duke. He’ll inherit the title on his thirtieth birthday. He's been prepared for this moment all his life, but he didn't count on falling for one of the girls he has to torture to choose a bride.

The 'Legacy of Succession' is a dark romance set in a corrupted aristocratic family. Nicholas is arrogant and driven; Victoria is the chaste rich girl. Together, can they free themselves of a society intent on corruption and inflicting pain that’ll destroy more than just their lives?

Let's build a better world together rather than just extinguish the fires of hate. 

Tainted Reasoning - 4th December 2018

"Why would I let the world see him? He's imperfect. No, he needs to stick to the shadows where he'll not bring shame to this family."

William Cavendish thinks he was made wrong. The autism, which causes his brain to function differently to what is the norm, has been a thing of scorn all his life. With his father's death and his brother taking over the Oakfield title, William is discovering that he can have the life he dreamed off, maybe even love.

Tamara Bennett recently finished her lawyer's degree and is using the knowledge that she has to help her friend, the Duchess of Oakfield, bring down a dark society that has tortured women for years. Is it a case too big for the fledgling lawyer?

Tainted Reasoning is book two in the Dark Sovereignty series. It tells a story of discovering who you are and what you are capable of when needed. 

Let's build a better world together rather than just extinguish the fires of hate.

A Father's insistence - 14th May 2019


"I offer five hundred thousand pounds."


Those are the words that have haunted Lady Joanna Nethercutt's dreams for the past year. She's been hidden away, until the man who bought her deemed her ready for marriage. Now is that time.

All Theodore Hamilton knows is that his sister left home for a better life. He has his doubts as to the truth of that statement though. He discovers the truth when he is taken from his bed one night and married before he even realizes what is happening. His bride is terrified, emaciated, and covered head to toe in bruises.

A Father's Insistence is the final installment in the Dark Sovereignty series. It tells the story of how the truth can be right in front of you, and you don't see it until the last moment.

Let's build a better world together rather than just extinguish the fires of hate.