Misguided Control



To the world at large, Marie Easton is the cliché jealous secretary, lusting after her powerful boss, James North. Behind closed doors, she’s a desperate woman, willing to do whatever it takes to protect her family from a menacing threat. She’d be unwise to let anyone in…especially the new finance director at North Enterprises, who makes her crave things she never thought to want.

Callum Ashworth recognizes a disguise when he sees one. And he’s itching to strip away Marie’s mask with pleasure and pain…to reveal the true beauty concealed beneath. But taking her down a road she may not be ready to travel is dangerous. Especially if it disrupts Callum’s boring accountant façade—which hides a shocking secret of his own.

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Loving Control

After finding their happily ever after, James and Amy’s world is turned upside with the arrival of their first child. Even as the couple struggles to find the balance between babies and BDSM, a blast from the past reappears, rocking their world even more.


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