The Control Series - Romantic Suspense

Surrendered Control

Surrendered control is the debut novel of the author Anna Edwards. It tells of the fledgeling love between James and Amy and how their pasts twist and turn to tear them apart. The novel is set in London, but through business travels, it is given an international feel based on the author's personal life.

Divided Control

Divided Control takes you on the next part of Amy and James' journey. Though a holiday to Las Vegas and a visit to a BDSM club, a trip to Yorkshire for a wedding and a figure James' had hoped to keep away from his family returning; Divided Control will take you on a wild journey and test your emotions to the maximum.

Misguided Control

Is Marie the jealous secretary or a woman just trying to survive. Is Callum a boring accountant or does he hide a secret that nobody ever expected. With a journey to the dark side of London and a trip to Rome, Misguided Control with introduce you to a love affair born out of the fiery pains of hell. 

Controlling Darkness

Controlling Darkness is the fourth book from ‘The Control Series’, it tells the story of Matthew and Sonia and how the pain they both hold within them can become love if only they let it. The story features; fights, suspense, whips, and lots of love. You have been warned.

Controlling Heritage

Controlling Heritage tells the story of how other's views on what you should be can leave you with no control. Unsolicited opinions will twist you until you no longer recognise or trust the person you can be.
The story features; orgies, suspense, death, sadio ravishment, BDSM, and lots of love.

Controlling Expectations

Part of the Author Friends with Benefit's anthology. This short novella tells the story of Mistress Alexia and Marco Russo. Both have expectations that weigh heavily on them but neither wants to achieve.

It is released 1st December.